Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

Information provided to Ripples Leisure Centre via this website is used for the purpose of processing enquiries, feedback, applications, promotions or competition entries, providing general information and ensuring that the records of Ripples are correct and efficient. This information will remain confidential at all times except for disclosure which a user has consented to or which is otherwise required by law. The provision of information is voluntary, however, if this information is not provided Ripples may not be able to use the data to effect the purposes for which the information has been provided or collected. Users have the right of access to & alteration of personal information concerning them in accordance with the Privacy Laws. This may be done by contacting Ripples by written request in email to Ripples at


This website provides information about Ripples. It is only intended to provide a general outline of Ripple’s services. Changes may be made to this website at any time without notice. Ripples does not give warranty or accept responsibility for out-dated, misrepresented or inaccurate information on this website. Material may contain links to other websites. Ripples does not necessarily endorse or approve of any material on such websites. This website is created & controlled by Ripples, as such; the laws of the State of NSW will govern these disclaimers, terms & conditions. We reserve the right to make changes to our website & these disclaimers, terms & conditions from time to time. No part of this website may be reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of Ripples Leisure Centre.

Data security

Ripples strives to protect our customer data at all times. User’s trust & data is important to us therefore we have created this document to keep customers informed, which can be accessed any time via our website. The Ripples website is hosted with eftel and works with an agency to manage the websites security from unauthorised access. Ripples takes sufficient steps to protect its stored user data from misuse from unauthorised access & will endeavour to de-identify data if it is no longer needed for any purpose. General website statistical data may be collected & no attempt will be made to identify personal data of users unless provided or consented to.

What is the Ripples Privacy Policy?

Ripples is committed to ensuring adherence to the National Privacy Act Principles & providing the highest levels of service. Ripples understands that privacy in all business dealings with Ripples customers, staff, suppliers & third parties is paramount. Ripples Privacy Policy details how we handle data information supplied to Ripples Leisure Centres via the website.

Data Collection Information

When enquiring, applying or registering with Ripples using the website enquiry/application/registration forms, Ripples will record & utilise this information for the purpose given including opt in information. This information may include (but not limited to) name, address, phone number, email & occupation. If users choose not to provide information, Ripples may not be able to provide the services required, information requested or entry into competitions/promotions.

Where and how does Ripples store data information?

Any information received by Ripples is stored electronically in our database or recorded manually. Any such information may be printed & stored in Ripple’s filing system. Access to personal information in the Ripples database is accessible by written request in email to Ripples at

How does Ripples use the data information?

Data may be used in order to (but not limited to):

  • Provide the services & information requested.
  • Promote, advertise, conduct & record promotional activities, events, competitions & other services that are considered important or beneficial associated with Ripples (only if the user has opted in for further communications or entered online). Note: some third party sites may have access to the data in order to execute the marketing activity effectively, for example mailing platforms.
  • Research, develop & expand Ripples services & products.
  • Research & process recruitment applications.
  • Maintain & develop internal systems & infrastructure including system upgrades.

When does Ripples disclose user’s personal information?

Ripples does not disclose data information unless prior consent has been provided. However, in some circumstances Ripples may indirectly be required to disclose data to third party companies in order to performing business exercises efficiently including (but not limited to) emailing systems or otherwise required by law.

How can you find out what information Ripples holds about you & correct/alter or unsubscribe if need be?

If a user wishes to update their data or seek to know what data information Ripples currently hold about them please contact by written email request to Ripples at An unsubscribe feature is included in every electronic direct mail delivered to recipients from Ripples (as required by law). Should a user wish to unsubscribe without using this feature please contact Ripples by written request in email to Ripples at