Sports Training

St Marys Ripples Leisure Centre is the optimal training hub of Western Sydney, providing athletes with a well rounded work out. As part of your regular sport regime you can engage your muscles utilising our POOL or GYM, then relax in the SPA & SAUNA to complete the ultimate training session. No matter your sport from football, basketball, netball to tennis, combining gym & swim will:

  • Build endurance, muscle strength & fitness - Note: nearly all muscles are used in swimming
  • Weight training improves sports performance
  • Minimal stress on your body
  • Increase fast twitch fibres for  speed & power

If the weather turns sour, there is no need to cancel your training, head on over to Ripples for a last minute team training session.

Contact us today to book in your group for team training. Make it a regular weekly session for optimal team progression and success in your sport.