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Enrolment Process and Assessments St Marys


Ripples Swim School operates in consecutive 12-week blocks and accepts new enrolments anytime throughout year. Upon initially enrolling into the program, enrolment paperwork will be required in person along with the initial booking. From there, changes and payments can be made over the phone, or online.

All new school age students, excluding non-swimmers, will require an assessment prior to enrolment to ascertain the correct level for their further development within the program. Assessments for new students are held sporadically weekday afternoons, and can be booked through reception or over the phone.

Payment for lessons can be made by one of two options; either an upfront payment within the dates of the current block upon enrolment, or via monthly direct debit. (Direct debit customers will be required to pay an upfront pro-rata for the first months’ worth of lessons upon enrolment).

Enrolment Rollover:

Each block, students are rolled over to continue their lessons within the program. Payment for all upfront customers will be due. See the 12-week block process below.

Student Assessments:

Ripples Swim School conduct assessments on a systematic basis, level by level for each student. This means that each student progresses at thier own individual pace within the program, as soon as they are ready and achieved the skills prescribed. Assessments can also be arranged at any time, to gain feedback on students’ development.

A report on students’ progress is available via email, at any time, from reception or the LTS office. And once a student has achieved the skills of a particular level, a detailed certificate is sent out via email.

Our Learn to Swim program runs on a 12 week block period. Each week has a specific purpose:



Week 1

Start of the block

Week 2 – 10

Assessments throughout the block

Week 9 – 10

Student rollover, and upfront payments due for following block in the same classes

Week 11-12

All vacancies open

Week 12

End of the block

*Payment must be made in person. Rebookings will not be accepted over the phone.

Avoid the rebooking process altogether by signing on our Direct Debit system and you automatically secure your next blocks lessons.

In addition to Direct Debit we also have Ripples Online Portal for your convenience during the rebooking process. PAYMENTS CAN BE MADE VIA RIPPLES ONLINE
How to login – RIPPLES ONLINE (members)
1. Visit our website
2. Click on “Login” tab (top right corner)
3. Click on “Ripples Member Login”
4. Username (enter your email address registered on Ripples database)
5. Click on “forgot username/password” this feature will send an email with a password – follow login steps using password
6. You will be prompted to change your password on your initial login

Please note:
1. You must have a current email address registered on your Ripples profile – see reception to update/confirm your address. (This takes 24hrs to update your email on the website)
2. Payment for new blocks fees will still be accepted over the counter at the respective Ripples sites