Swimming Lessons For School Age Children

SeahorseSEAHORSE – 5 years +
This class is designed for beginners who may have a fear of the water and are not confident to submerge. The aim of the class is to develop water confidence and teach basic swimming and water safety skills.

With water safety and fundamental swimming skills in place, the aim of the class is for students to progress to swimming unaided and start to develop basic swimming strokes. Streamlining rockets, propulsion and breath control. Backstroke kicking skills are also established.

The aim of the class is to refine the basic freestyle. Students are introduced to bi-lateral breathing and work on building distance. Backstroke is developed combining arm action and breathing with the already mastered back kick. Diving along with intermediate safety skills are introduced, aimed at individual survival.

Dolphin jpgDOLPHIN
The aim of the class is for students to consolidate the techniques of freestyle and backstroke with swimming distance increased to 25m. Breaststroke is introduced at this level along with advanced safety skills.

Freestyle and backstroke endurance is continued and extended at this level and whole breaststroke is refined. Butterfly, tumbles turns and standing dives are introduced for the first time.

This is the advanced stroke correction class for all swimming strokes and skills. Distance and intensity are increased in preparation for Development Squads.


30 minutes (Seahorse to Platypus)
45 minutes (Dolphin to Sharks)


Class Numbers: 5 per class (Seahorse and Goldfish)
6 per class (Platypus)
8 per class (Dolphin, Seal and Sharks)