Swim School Policies


  1. Make-up lessons are NOT GUARANTEED and a maximum of 2 per block will only be given in the event of illness where a medical certificate has been supplied.
  2. Notification of absence must be received a minimum of 2hrs before the scheduled class commences to be eligible for a make-up lesson.
  3. Make-up lessons do not replace your normal class or reduce your next blocks fees.
  4. Make-up lessons must be taken in the current block or they will be forfeited – they will not be carried over into next block of lessons.
  5. It is in your child’s best interests that absences are restricted to instances of genuine illnesses.
  6. Make-up lessons that are unattended will be forfeited.


  1. Credits will only be given in extreme circumstances i.e. a major incident/illness, hospitalisation or broken limbs requiring an absence from the Learn to Swim program for a minimum period of three consecutive weeks.
  2. Credits will not be granted for any other reason including absences due to holidays, religious reasons, general illness, or for absences for less than three weeks (Make-up lessons are offered as an alternative subject to above mentioned make-up lesson terms and conditions).
  3. Credits are valid for a period of 12 months from date of issue.
  4. A credit form is to be completed (held at reception) with relevant documentation prior to end of currently enrolled term. Credit forms will not be back dated, any request for credit must be completed within the block the missed/cancelled lessons took place otherwise the request will not be considered.
  5. In the event of missed or cancelled lessons refunds will not be granted.


Ripples Leisure Centre endorses the Royal Life Saving Keep Watch Campaign.

Our Supervision Policy Is:

  1. Children 5 & under must be with arms reach of a swimming adult at all times & will be issued with a yellow wristband.
  2. Children that require a floatation device are deemed as non swimmers & as such must be accompanied by an adult in the water.
  3. Inadequately supervised children will be removed from the water by lifeguards.
  4. Learn to Swim students should not enter the class area without an instructor.
  5. Children under 12 years must have a parent or adult in the facility at all times.


  1. Ripples will not be responsible for any dishonour fees or bank charges incurred when a monthly billing payment is returned unprocessed, money is not available or incorrect information is provided at the time of debiting.
  2. Direct debit is perpetual until cancelled. If you wish to terminate your swimming lessons you will need to provide a minimum of 30 days written notice.
  3. Direct debit payments that reject will incur a fee. Two (2) unpaid rejects/dishonours may result in cancellation of your lessons. ALL outstanding monies must be paid before lessons can recommence. Customers are obliged to pay all debts.
  4. Your monthly fee will be deducted on the 1st of every month (or next business day) with a pro-rata fee payable at time of joining.


  1. Bookings are block/term based only, no casual lessons will be offered with the exception of adult beginner classes.
  2. Payment options include upfront or direct debit. Payment of fees is required at time of booking. Lessons cannot be held or reserved without payment.
  3. Family discounts apply to members of the immediate family residing at the same residential address.
  4. Each student’s fees include 2 adult spectator entries relevant to the student’s lesson day and time. Additional parents, grandparents, siblings & carers will be charged the relevant entry fee. Family member/caregivers wishing to swim are required to pay normal entry costs.
  5. Entry for lessons is permitted no more than 1 hour prior to lessons. If you wish to enter before entry time you will be charged normal entry fees.
  6. Lessons will not run on public holidays & you have not been charged for lessons that fall on these days.
  7. Instructors are subject to change without notice & based on availability and suitability to the program.
  8. Please ensure that any special needs or learning disabilities are clearly stipulated on this form and that you also inform the instructor before the start of the lesson.
  9. The instructor is not to be disrupted during class unless a child has an urgent medical issue that the instructor needs to know about. If you have any questions or concerns please direct them to the Swimming Supervisor.
  10. Please vacate the lesson area as soon as possible after the completion of your child’s lesson. This will assist lessons to run on schedule without disruption.
  11. Management reserves the right to cancel/re-schedule classes due to low enrolments or any other reason that may impact the operation of the Swim School. Classes may also be cancelled due to inclement weather at Penrith, in this case customers will be advised by the centre and a suitable arrangement made to make up the missed lesson.
  12. Misconduct or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.
  13. Make-up lessons and/or credits are not offered to intensive learn to swim lessons.
  14. Ripples endorses Royal Life Saving’s ‘Keep Watch @ Public Pools” program. All program participants and spectators are to adhere to this policy at all times within the centre. You can request a copy of our policy from reception.
  15. Children under the age of 10 years must be accompanied at all times within the centre by an adult.
  16. Facility conditions of entry apply to all program participants and spectators.


  • All clients entering the pool must read and sign a “Risk Agreement” form. This form is for the parents of the children, not the children. If your child has a condition listed in the “Risk Agreement”, then you also have to fill in a form for the child.
  • Children who are not toilet trained are required to wear protective swimpants. This will help to reduce pool closures in the event of an accident. Disposable swimpants are available from reception.
  • Please put all nappies and swimmer nappies in the nappy bins provided, not the general waste bins.
  • If there are any medical problems, or medical history highlighted on this form, you must obtain a “doctor’s clearance” before entering the pool.
  • No lap swimming or casual swimming in the Hydrotherapy Pool. This pool is a specialised Centre for rehabilitation with temperatures higher than normal pools.
  • Footwear (thongs or sandals) must be worn around the pool at all times. If toddlers are able to wear footwear, they should wear footwear to and from the pool area.
  • You must shower before entering the pool.
  • No glass containers in the pool area.
  • No food or drink other than water is to be consumed in the pool hall or change rooms.
  • No Chewing gum is to be consumed in the Hydrotherapy or the Main Centre.
  • Do not use shampoos, soap or talcum powder in the change rooms or showers.
  • Change rooms are provided for changing of children and parents. Please do not lock the change room door as this room is also shared with the disabled groups that use the Hydrotherapy Centre.
  • All rebooking and notifying of absence from classes is done through the Main Centre reception or Hydrotherapy reception.
  • The taking of photo’s and video’s of your child’s lesson is allowed but please be aware that other patrons may take offence and may not want to be included in these photos or videos.
  • You must report to Hydrotherapy reception before entering the pool hall for each lesson to have your attendance marked.
  • As there is limited seating available, please do not place bags on seats.
  • Please park prams along back wall or far right-hand corner of Hydrotherapy pool.
  • Siblings of students swimming are not to be left un-supervised on pool-deck whilst you are in the water. If your child is misbehaving, the pool Lifeguard will speak to yourself and your child regarding their supervision.
  • Please do not enter the water before your lesson is to commence.