Medical Information

Ripples Hydrotherapy Centre can offer Medicare and Workcover NSW approved supervised treatment sessions PLUS provide clinically necessary exercise physiology treatment for entitled DVA clients upon referral from their GP. The individualised treatment sessions can be completed in our Hydrotheraphy pool, gym or heated swimming pools.

Hydrotherapy has been defined as an effective therapy to treat pain, by immersion and gentle exercise in heated water. It is a cost effective therapy which encourages natural healing processes and enhances the lifestyle of its users. Hydrotherapy provides relief to post operative patients and assists with the rehabilitation of accident victims. It is particularly helpful to those suffering from cerebral palsy, stroke, poor muscle tone, arthritis and various other chronic diseases. Ripples Hydrotherapy centre is a community facility which aims to offer wide spread access to Hydrotherapy for the general community. Ripples Hydrotherapy Pool allows access to all community groups at various times in any given week. The Hydrotherapy pool is 10m by 20m allowing it to service up to 35 people at a time and ranges in depth from 0.85m to 1.75m. It is a constant temperature of 33°c. The pool has a raid around its edges to enable exercise and the use of equipment. Refreshments are available before and after treatments and for those who are waiting or observing. We have full disabled facilities available including disabled change rooms, pool hoist and sling hoist and wheel chairs. Four banks of spa jets are located along one side of the pool, these are favourite among many clients. These allow for various activities and exercises to be undertaken as well as being used for massage applications.

For more information please contact Ripples Hydrotherapy on 9833 3075.

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