The Teen program introduces teenagers to swimming in a social, friendly environment. The classes are suitable for 9 to 17 year olds and develops fitness, water skills and basic strokes.

Class Levels

Teen Beginner

The teen beginner class is designed for beginners who may have a fear of the water and are not confident to submerge. This class develops water confidence and teaches basic swimming and water safety skills, including introducing freestyle and backstroke.

Class Duration: 45 Minutes
Class SizeMaximum 6 students per class

Teen Intermediate

Once students have developed basic water skills and are confident in the water, the teen intermediate class develops freestyle, backstroke and breastroke. Starts, turns and intermediate water safety skills are introduced.

Class Duration: 45 Minutes
Class SizeMaximum 8 students per class

Teen Advanced

The teen advanced class develops distance and intensity. Swimming strokes are corrected and students are prepared for movement into the Squad program. Students in the teen advanced class are able to attend multiple lessons per week for the price of a single lesson.

Class Duration: 60 Minutes
Class SizeMaximum 10 students per class