Conditions of Entry

Conditions of Entry

Conditions of Entry

  1. Patrons must comply with all policies, procedures, rules and reasonable requests set out by staff and centre signage.
  2. This venue is a cashless facility
  3. No smoking is permitted on premises, including vapes.
  4. This venue is a Child Safe Facility and implements Royal Life Saving’s Keep Watch program.
  5. Council reserves the right to refuse entry.
  6. The consumption of alcohol or illicit drugs is prohibited. Any patron suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs will not be permitted access.
  7. Council reserves the right to alter operating hours or facility availability
  8. Commercial fast food is not permitted. Patrons may enter with packed ‘picnic’ food, drinks and snacks.
  9. Glass or porcelain objects are not permitted. Patron's bags may be searched.
  10. Paid or unpaid personal training or swimming tuition, or other services by non-staff members is not permitted. Anyone wishing to coach or instruct on the premises is required to have prior approval
  11. The use of cameras, mobile phones, and devices with cameras are not permitted in change room areas.
  12. Photography or filming is discouraged, and photos/videos should not be taken of other patrons or staff without consent. Photography and videography for Commercial Use is only permitted with prior approval.
  13. No pets or animals permitted in the centre, with the exception of recognised Guide Dogs or accredited assistance animals.
  14. Council accepts no responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen belongings, including those stored within lockers.
  15. Patrons enter the centre at their own risk. By entering the centre, patrons accept that Council is not liable for loss or injury however caused.
  16. Antisocial behaviour is not permitted. Offenders will be removed from the Centre.

Pool Rules

  1. Patrons are encouraged to shower before entering the pool, spa or sauna – including transitions between the pool, spa, or sauna.
  2. All swimmers must exit the water 15 minutes prior to the advertised closing time.
  3. Ripples is a Child Safe Facility and implements endorses Royal Life Saving’s Keep Watch program.
    1. 0-5 Year Olds & Non Swimmers – Stay within arms’ reach
    2. 6-10 Year Olds & Weak Swimmers – Be close, be prepared & maintain constant visual contact
    3. 11-14 Year Olds – Maintain visual contact
    4. Children 15 years or Older – Permitted access without an adult. Identification may be requested to show proof of age. Cannot be responsible for other children under the age of 15, including siblings
  4. Parents must take adequate steps to prevent pool foulings, including providing adequate time to digest after eating before returning to the water, refraining from attending the centre during illness, taking children for regular bathroom breaks, or using swim nappies if not toilet trained. It is important to remember that a distracted child will be less aware of their need to utilise the toilet.
  5. No running, pushing, backflips, bombing or holding breath underwater for competition
  6. Patrons should enter the water safely, either via the stairs or ramp entry, safe poolside entry. Diving is only permitted where the depth of the pool is greater than 1.2 metres and under the instruction of a staff member or coach.
  7. Patrons should ensure they are not entering the water directly on top of another patron in the water.
  8. Appropriate swimwear is to be worn in the water. Articles of clothing such as cut-off jeans, T-shirts, bike pants, leotards and casual wear is strictly prohibited in the pools, spa, steam & sauna areas.
  9. Swim nappies are required to be worn by any person that;
    1. Is not toilet trained
    2. Experiences incontience

Spa & Sauna Rules

In addition to the Pool Rules, the following rules apply to the Spa and Sauna

  1. Patrons under the age of 16 are not permitted entry to the Sauna or Spa facilities
  2. This area requires patrons to wear a wristband which must be worn and visible at all times. Wristbands can be purchased from reception.
  3. Never place your head under the water in the spa.
  4. Water and other materials should not be poured over the Sauna equipment.
  5. It is recommended that you do not use the Sauna or Spa for longer than 15 minutes at a time.
  6. Patrons should unsure they hydrate regularly while using these facilities.
  7. Patrons who have had recent surgery, are pregnant, have a heart condition, or have any serious conditions are advised by health authorities that it may be dangerous to use the sauna or spa.
  8. This sauna and spa is a heated environment and if you are concerned that it may adversely affect you, it is your responsibility to seek medical advice.

Splash Park Rules

In addition to the Pool Rules, the following rules apply to the Splash Park

  1. Patrons must always use the handrails when entering the slide.
  2. Only one guest may leave the top of the waterslide at any given time (with the exception of young children that are accompanied by an adult over the age of 16 years)
  3. Patrons must ride feet first, on their back or bottom at all times while traveling down the slide.
  4. Once the patron reaches the end of the slide, they must remove themselves from the slide immediately.
  5. No stopping, standing, spinning or jumping on the slide.

Gym Rules

  1. Council reserves the right to refuse class entry after the warm-up has been conducted.
  2. Council may require a member to obtain a clearance certificate from a Medical Practitioner prior to participating in an exercise program.
  3. Council reserves the right to change and adjust program timetables, including class type, duration, instructor, time and/or day, and frequency.
  4. Weights must be returned to their correct place after use
  5. One sweat towel per person must be used during land-based group fitness classes and while in the gym.
  6. For the safety of you and others, please follow all equipment operating and safety instructions on the equipment.
  7. If you are not sure of correct use or operation of equipment, please seek assistance from a team member.
  8. Children are welcome to participate in the gym and group fitness classes based on age;
    1. Children under 12 – Unable to participate in Group Fitness classes or the Gym
    2. 12 or 13 years - Welcome in Group Fitness Classes (excluding BodyPump) and the Gym for Caridio-only exercise with a participating parent or guardian, or during a supervised gym program prescribed by a Ripples trainer.
    3. 14 or 15 years - Welcome in Group Fitness Classes (excluding BodyPump) and the Gym unsupervised for Caridio-only exercise, or during a gym program prescribed by a Ripples trainer.
    4. 16 years or older - Permitted full access to the gym and group fitness, subject to conditions of entry.

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