Special Needs

Special Needs

A female swim instructor assists a young boy learn to swim

Ripples Special Needs program caters for students with mild to severe disabilities of all ages and swimming abilities. We offer private tuition, small group-based classes as well as integration pathways into our mainstream program.

Our dedicated instructors that deliver this program are certified in AUSTSWIM’s Access and Inclusion qualification and deliver each class with a caring and supportive approach. Instructors will modify skills as necessary and always use discretion to ensure a positive and rewarding experience.

We can accept NDIS funding agreements for Special Needs lessons and assessments.

Water based activities have endless benefits for persons with special needs including:

  • Water allows a full range of movement without excessive strain
  • The massaging effects of the water increases circulation and promotes relaxation
  • It builds strength and flexibility and improves cardio-respiratory fitness
  • Provides independence and freedom of movement within the water
  • Helps build confidence and self esteem

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