2024-25 Fees & Charges - Plus updates to membership options

Ripples Aquatic & Leisure memberships and general entry fees have been updated for the 2024-25 financial year.

This change is in line with our yearly review and exhibition of fees and is adopted as part of Penrith City Council’s 2024-25 fee structure. We have continued to streamline our membership offerings to make it easier for our community to access the different facilities and programs across our venues all year round.

Our Hydrotherapy memberships will now transition into the Pool Membership. This means in addition to the current access under a direct debit or upfront Full Facility or Pool Memberships, members will also have access to the Hydrotherapy Centre. We have also introduced new upfront 6 and 12 month upfront options, giving you more options to manage your membership with Ripples Aquatics & Leisure.

Updated prices will take effect for current memberships on your first direct debit on or after 18 July 2024. Learn to Swim pricing will take effect from Thursday 25 July 2024 for all current enrolments. New enrolments (including class transfers) will commence at the 2024-25 pricing. The 5% second child discount will continue to apply.

If you would like to explore a different option or your membership type no longer fits your needs, and you would like to change or cancel your membership, options are available

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the pool membership now include?

The Pool membership will now include;

  • St Marys Pools
  • Penrith Pools
  • Spa & Sauna
  • Hydrotherapy Pool. Note: The Hydrotherapy Centre will remain a working space with expectations regarding how this area is used.

What does the gym membership now include?

The Gym membership remains the same;

  • Gym access
  • Group fitness classes
  • Exercise program and fitness assessments


What does the full facility membership now include?

The full facility membership will now include;

  • St Marys Pools
  • Penrith Pools
  • Spa & Sauna
  • Hydrotherapy Pool
  • Gym access
  • Group fitness classes
  • Exercise program and fitness assessments


What types of concessions are accepted for a concession membership?

  • Pensioner Concession Card (blue)
  • Seniors card
  • DVA card
  • TAFE/University ID card
  • School IDs

Will Hydrotherapy Centre casual entry will be at the same price as Penrith / St Marys casual entry?

Casual Hydrotherapy entry and visit passes will be a different price than Penrith / St Marys casual entry and visit passes, as per previous fees and charges.


Does Fitness Passport / Over 65s membership now include Hydrotherapy?

Fitness Passport memberships do not include the Hydrotherapy Centre as Fitness Passport does not engage Hydrotherapy or Rehabilitation Centres as part of their program, so it isn’t something we can offer. It also does not cover entry of External Providers into the facility.

The Over 65’s membership is a complimentary membership which includes Penrith & St Marys pools only.


What is happening to the Healthy Me, Hydrotherapy and Wellness memberships?

Now that our Pool Membership and Full Facility Membership also includes the Hydrotherapy Centre, these membership types are no longer required. Members on the Healthy Me, Hydrotherapy and Wellness memberships will automatically transition to the merged memberships.

  • Healthy Me > Pool Membership
  • Hydrotherapy Membership > Pool Membership
  • Wellness > Full Facility Membership


How will the transition from Healthy Me / Hydro / Wellness memberships be facilitated?

The current memberships will be updated behind the scenes to include the full access included in the Pool Membership. Over the next two months we will be reaching out to affected members to change their membership to the Pool Membership.

What is happening to the EP Group Classes?
The EP Group Classes will be included into the Pool membership as a transitionary period. The structure of the classes and how these are offered is being reviewed based on feedback from members and the team over the last 12 months.


Am I paying more for the new merged membership?
All memberships were expected to increase in price for the 2024-25 financial year. When our fees were being reviewed, it was identified that many memberships were going to be the same price in 2024-25. Our changes to the memberships means we now offer access to more facilities for the same price it would have cost to continue the old membership.


Can I buy multiple upfront memberships to avoid price increases in the future?
As per the Membership Terms & Conditions, upfront memberships can only be purchased one at a time and cannot stack multiple memberships at once. However, memberships can be renewed within 4 weeks of the membership expiry.


Will rehab memberships be honoured at the old price?
Any approvals that were submitted before 30 June will be completed at the 2023-24 prices. Any new approvals will need to priced at the new 2024-25 fees.